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Initial Coin Offering Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Redefining Token Listing Standards

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange. Built upon principles of decentralisation and community consensus, we seek to create a new era of trust, openness and global acceptance for the crypto industry, one quality token listing at a time.


A Digital Asset Exchange Unlike Any Other

GBX protecting all participants, in a governed environment


GBX’s listing process will strive to allow the community to flourish whilst protecting participants with AML/KYC, corporate governance and best practices.

GBX -Transparency for all members of the crypto community


Encourages confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity for participants. Shaping a transparent and energetic future for the community.

An international gateway and harbour within Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) released by the GBX


Offering an international gateway underpinned by the regulatory framework of the Government of Gibraltar which is supportive of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Era of Token Sales (ICO) by Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange subsidiary of The Gibraltar Stock Exchange

GBX is a
Gibraltar Stock Exchange

GBX is regulated as a DLT Provider by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

GSX is regulated by GFSC under License number FSC 1231B and operates as an EU-regulated market,

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission GFSC regulator of financial services industry in Gibraltar
Revenue and Customs( HMRC) a non-ministerial department of the UK

With a wealth of capital markets experience at its helm, and years of understanding redefine perceptions and develop new industry standards.

GBX Comprehensive Listing Process

A Crypto Harbour for the Community.

In order to list on GBX, a token candidate is required to appoint a GBX Sponsor Firm. Sponsor Firms are body corporates and key influencers, with proven industry expertise, that have met the admission criteria set forth by GBX to be enlisted in the GBX trusted partners network.

Sponsor Firms are responsible for due diligence, advice and communication between the token candidate and GBX throughout the entire listing process. Sponsor Firms are key to upholding best practices and assurance of quality.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Alliance Council and Sponsor firms

The nature of the listing protocol sets a high entry bar to ensure quality, safety and transparency in all token listings on GBX.

01 – To initiate the Token Generation Event (TGE), token candidates must first possess substance and viable proof of concept in order to enlist the services of a Sponsor Firm.

02 – The Sponsor Firm (SF) then prepares the token candidate for their application review, adhering to GBX’s rules and guidelines.

03 – GBX will make a final decision after a series of reviews in line with the regulatory framework and successful token admissions will then be announced and approved for trading on the digital asset exchange.

With GBX’s governance, the community is rewarded with another high-quality token listing and with it, synergy and opportunities.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- Token Issued to Token Traded

We Are Building A Comprehensive
Blockchain Financial Ecosystem

Together, we can shape a healthier, more reliable,

The Complete Picture

Our Eco System

The Crypto Harbour

Building a World-Leading Token Sale Platform and Digital Asset Exchange

GBX provides a platform for token sales based on governance, best practices and diligent whitelisting procedures. GBX is a marketplace for high-quality listings with an AML/KYC cleared participant pool.

GBX also provides a top-tier centralised digital asset exchange for high volume, liquidity and quality digital assets. GBX’s digital asset exchange is constructed with institutional-grade technology, multi-sig security, 100% auditable reserves, insurance protection and fiat onboarding capabilities; GBX, the future of digital asset trading.

  • Development, Implementation and Integration of GBX Token Sales Platform with advanced KYC systems integration
  • Network of GBX Sponsor Firms
  • Capital Requirements
  • Blockchain Innovation Centre
  • Licensed and Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

The Blockchain Based Stock Exchange

A Pathway from Token Listing to Public Listing

Set to become a Blockchain-based exchange for capital markets, the GSX has the capability to be a world leader in Tokenised Securities, giving birth to a whole new level of access, liquidity, and transparency in the capital markets.

The GBX listed companies are proposed to receive preferred access to list on the GSX, giving Crypto start-ups more options to raise capital and access more diverse traditional investor bases as they grow.

The GSX listed companies receive passporting benefits of their prospectus as well as potential dual listing opportunities on other EU Stock Exchanges (and/or London Stock Exchange).

  • GBX License Extension (Gibraltar FSC)
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange implemented and integrated into GBX

The Comprehensive Crypto Markets Platform

The Exchange and beyond

The GBX – GSX ecosystem plans to host a range of ancillary services including company formation, asset management as well as facilitate dual/multiple listings on a global network of stock exchanges. By innovating traditional finance and harnessing the immense power of blockchain, our aim is that our service offerings create unprecedented opportunities for the community and the rest of the world.

Our Service Suite:
  • Token Sale Platform*
  • Digital Asset Exchange*
  • Fund Services*
  • Corporate Services*
  • Business Solutions*

* These services are now operational.

  • Development and Integration of GBX Exchange Platform with GSX for tokenised securities to list on GSX
  • Trading of Tokenised Securities on GSX

Rock Token - The next crypto currency


The STACS token is the currency of choice for transactions, listings and a multitude of functions,

Membership and Governance within the GBX
Membership within the GBX ecosystem
Listings, Sponsor, Fees on GBX
Listing and Sponsor Fees on GBX
Sponsor / Issuer Staking
Issuer Staking
GBX Order Book for Trading
Trading Fees
Banking GBX
Early access to token sales on GBX
Secure Offline Custodianship for Rocks - GBX
Potential Discounts
Voting on Select Community Developments
Voting on Select Community Developments
Listing and Member Firm Fees on GSX
Listing and Member Firm Fees on GSX
Blockchain Innovation Centre Campaigns and Rewards
Blockchain Innovation Centre Campaigns and Rewards
Medium for the Group’s Full Suite of Professional Services
Medium for the GSX Group’s Full Suite of Professional Services


Exceptional track records and extensive collective experience puts us in a

The Team

Nick Cowan- Managing Director/Founder at GSX Limited GibraltarFinancial Services

Nick Cowan


Founder of the GSX. 35 years senior management experience in capital markets incl. Bear Stearns, ING Bank

Philip Young Marketing Director Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Team

Philip Young

Group Marketing Director

CFA, 20 years investment, hedge fund and private equity experience

William Rawley Group Legal Counsel Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Team

William Rawley

Group Legal Counsel

21 years with international blue chip practice and capital market firms incl. Simmons and Simmons, Citigroup, BNP Paribas

Adrian Hogg Partner of Grant Thornton Gibraltar and Chairman of Gibraltar Funds and Investments Association, member of Gibraltar Finance Centre Council

Adrian Hogg

Group Chief Financial Officer

Formerly of KPMG and Grant Thornton (partner for 10 years). Chairman of Gibraltar Funds and Investments Association and member of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council.

Ben Soh Exec Director (Asia)- Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Team.Founder of multinational fintech company

Ben Soh

Executive Director (Asia)

Ben is a FinTech entrepreneur with over a decade in experience. He is one of the co-founders of Broctagon Fintech Group, a multinational company that specialises in FinTech technologies and solutions, and also the founder and vice-chairman of Stellar Partners Limited.

Thomas Chao Director Business Development- Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Team.Managing director at Stellar Partners Limited and co-founder of www.Fintechstar.cn

Thomas Chao

Director Business Development

14 years financial services and banking experience incl. JP Morgan, Apex Clearing. Managing director at Stellar Partners Limited and co-founder of www.Fintechstar.cn

David Wang Exec Director (Asia – Pacific).Chairman of VC company

David Wang

Executive Director (Asia – Pacific)

CEO of Stellar Partners, a VC firm focusing on Fintech and Technology. More than 10 years of corporate finance and buyside experience with Brilliant Circle Holdings, a HK Mainboard listed company

Daniel Evans Manager Listings & Development-Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange- GBX Team

Daniel Evans

Manager Listings & Development

7 years of exchange, capital markets and token experience

Ted Quek Head of Technology Operations.Managing Director of Broctagon Fintech Group

Ted Quek

Head of Technology Operations

Managing Director of Broctagon Fintech Group. Over 9 years of experience as CTO managing over 300 staffs, specialising in Forex trading and institutional clearing. Founding member of Blockchain Innovation Centre.

Daryl McFarlane Chief Technology Officer (GSX). Systems Specialist , managing the development and management of all GSX system

Daryl McFarlane

Chief Technology Officer (GSX)

Daryl is a Systems Specialist that joined GSX in 2014, managing the development and management of all GSX systems, ensuring compliance and smooth operation in a regulated market.

Andrew Pal

GSX - Chief Strategy Officer (APAC)

20+ years experience in the futures industry and more recently in fintech and FX Prime Broking. Experience grounded in various management, sales and technology roles at UBS over a 20-year period in Singapore and Sydney.

Donovan Obosi

GBX Community Manager

Donovan is a crypto market analyst and editor at ICO Crowd. As an entrepreneur with a background in FX trading, he is a firm believer in the future potential of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

Daniel Cole

GSX – Marketing Executive

Joined the GSX Group in August 2017. As a Marketing Executive, based at the Gibraltar HQ, and with a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, he supports the marketing department in crafting the brand message globally.

External Advisors

Yew Kiat Phang Advisor. Vice Chairman & CEO Credit China Holdings Limited

CEO of Chong Sing Fintech Holdings, listed company with 3B USD market cap, Vice Chairman to United Nations – Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific (ESCAP) Business Advisory Council for Digital Economy

Jehan Chu Strategy Advisor Co-founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital. Founding Member at the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital. Founding Member at the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Joey Garcia Legal Advisor Partner at Isolas, Fintech/ICO team of token industry in Gibraltar

Isolas Joey Garcia

Legal Advisor

Partner at Isolas, leading law firm in Gibraltar. Fintech/ICO team involved in development of token industry in Gibraltar

Eddy Travia Blockchain Advisor CEO of Coinsilium (COIN:NEX), co-founder of Block Chain Space and Seedcoin

CEO of Coinsilium (COIN:NEX), co-founder of Block Chain Space and Seedcoin.

Managing Director of Callaghan Insurance Brokers. Was President of Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, and on the Government Economic Advisory Council, Chairman of United Kingdom Gibraltar Tourism Association

Mike Costache Blockchain Advisor Founder of Blockchain Investment Consortium and KrowdMentor

Founder of Blockchain Investment Consortium and KrowdMentor. Co-chair of d10e and President of Karma International.

Our Partners