Gbx Sponsor Firm

Sponsor Firms are integral to the listing process – they are responsible for preparing applications, guiding listings to market, and meeting continuing obligations after the initial sale.

All token issuers must go through a Sponsor Firm to be submitted to the GBX Grid for final approval.

The GBX Sponsor Firm network continues to grow. If you are looking to run your token sale through the GBX Grid, this is the best place to start.

Below you can find all our Sponsor Firms:

Blockchain Assets Capital (AU)

Cryptocapital Market Advisory

Crypto SA (AU)

Blockchain Investment /
ICO Advisory and Incubator

MasterNode Ventures (AU)

Blockchain, Crypto, DApps, Tokenomics

Pegasus Fintech (CA)

and Token Consultancy

Stratx Consulting Inc (CA)

Crypto Investment and Advisory

Smarter Ledgers (US)

ICO Advisory and Consulting

ANT (CH and GI)

Blockchain, ICO Services and Crypto Trading

DLT Capital (DE)

DLT Consultancy and Investment

Iconiq Lab (DE)

Start-up Accelerator
and Incubator

AmaZix (HK and DK )

Community Management
and Advisory

CM Crypto Capital (HK)

Blockchain Venture Capital (HK and SG)

Blockchain Solutions

Lightbulb Capital Digital
(HK and SG)

Pre/Post-Token Sale Partners


Gibraltar based DLT Advisers

Rampart Corporate Services Limited (GI)

DLT Legal Services

Rockchain (GI)

Consultancy and
Smart Contract Development

BlockchainWorx (SG)


True Global Ventures (SG)

Fintech Investors

Venture Capital Network (SG)

Capital Advisory

and Business Consultancy

Kession Capital (UK)

Regulatory Hosting

KR1 (UK)

Blockchain Investment


Blockchain Accelerator, Investment and Consultancy

Razlin Capital (UK)

Financial Services

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