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GBX at ‘Consensus Invest’ 2018, New York

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) team were over in New York for Consensus Invest 2018, hosted by Coindesk at the Marriott Marquis in New York. The one-day event is one of the premier blockchain conferences of the year and the GBX exhibited alongside well-known blockchain-based companies, including Circle, XBTO, Xapo, Wachsman, and CME Group.

The purpose of Consensus Invest is to provide a platform to encourage debates and discussions on significant trends and investment opportunities for digital assets. The event brings together a wide range of participants from family offices, hedge funds, institutional investors, service providers and regulators. This year, the overarching topic of discussion centred on the evolution of crypto assets into 2019, including the growth of institutional adoption and participation. Other topics on the agenda focused on the regulatory environment, funds and investments, crypto-economics, and institutional players entering the space.

This year’s Consensus Invest was a testament to that growth in institutional interest, with speakers from more traditional financial backgrounds, including: Jeffrey Sprecher (Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange), Andrew Ross Sorkin (financial columnist/editor for The New York Times), and a Fireside Chat with Jay Clayton (Chairman, U.S Securities and Exchange Commission). During the fireside chat, Jay Clayton commented on the beneficial potential of blockchain technology:

“Speaking about markets, and as an observer of markets, this technology has incredible promise in the infrastructure, it has incredible promise in infrastructure beyond our securities markets… There are all sorts of aspects in our financial system where I see this type of technology driving efficiency.”

Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, attended the event along with senior members of the GSX Group team, taking the opportunity to hold meetings and promote the work of the GBX and broader GSX Group ecosystem with attendees at Consensus Invest. The latest joint venture initiative by the Group — the STACS Protocol, which aims to bridge the gap between the innovative technology of blockchain and the traditional financial markets — was well-received at the event.

Nick Cowan commented on his experience of the conference, stating:

“Consensus Invest provides the perfect collaboration between innovation and thought leadership in this space. Our STACS Protocol has come at the right time for the industry, with the discussions and debates here at the event proving that the development and growth of blockchain has begun to gain institutional recognition. Our Group ecosystem is geared toward bringing about a new era in blockchain powered finance, and the current landscape demonstrates the desire for greater institutional adoption.”

The team received an overwhelming amount of interest at the booth, with Philip Young, GSX Group Marketing and Business Development Director, giving interviews and our team of Business Development Managers holding meetings with clients and service providers that are interested in the STACS Protocol. It was a successful trip, with many great networking opportunities created and more visibility for both the GBX and Gibraltar as a leading fintech hub for blockchain and DLT.