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The GBX Sponsor Firm Rules

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is now ready to announce its much-anticipated Sponsor Firm Rules.

Projects which apply to launch their token sales via the GBX platform and which expect their token to list for secondary market trading on the GBX cryptocurrency exchange must also appoint a Sponsor Firm.

Sponsor Firms are responsible for guiding listings to market and helping to meet continuing obligations.

The GBX’s rules for Sponsor Firms govern which firms are eligible and explain their responsibilities.

Sponsor Firms are an integral part of the listing process at the GBX. They help to make sure that only the highest quality of listing applications come to the GBX. This model helps ensure greater due diligence, quality control, clarity, and delineation of responsibility. It makes the entire listing process much more efficient. The Sponsor Firm model is one of the most important things that the GBX has borrowed from the operation of its parent, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

If you would like to read any of the rules in full, please visit the GBX website and download them here:

We are also releasing the full Sponsor Firm application pack. We are now inviting prospective Sponsor Firms to submit applications to [email protected]

Please follow us to stay alerted when we release our Listing Rules, Listing Application pack, and Exchange Rules.