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Gibraltar D10E Conference

Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, spoke at the Gibraltar d10e Blockchain Investors Consortium on Saturday, 28th October. The GBX, together with the BlockChain Investors Consortium (BIC), had hosted the d10e, the Rock’s first conference on decentralization, at the Sunborn Hotel. The d10e is one of the leading conferences on decentralization around the world that explores the future of Fintech, Blockchain and ICOs.

The GBX had garnered the interest of a community looking to drive new ideas from within the Blockchain and Crypto arena using the framework of ecosystems governed by an institution of rules and standards. In a follow-up interview, Nick Cowan told the GBC News that, with the Gibraltar government bringing in the new DLT regulatory framework, the GBX will be able to provide thought leadership through a rules-based system, bringing order to a completely unregulated space. In closing, Nick Cowan spoke confidently about what lies ahead for GBX and the crypto community in terms of its regulatory framework: “Others are talking about it; we’re actually doing it.”