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Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group and STO Global-X have begun a partnership to collaborate on tokenised securities exchange technology

STO Global-X ‘s end-to-end Securities Tokenisation Platform and Exchange solution to be integrated with the Securities Asset Trading Classification Settlement (STACS) Network.

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group (GSX Group) via its fin-tech subsidiary Hashstacs Inc. (Hashstacs) and Singapore-headquartered STO Global-X announced the beginning of collaborations and offer an integrated Tokenised Securities Exchange solution. The announcement comes on the backdrop of the Hong Kong Blockchain Week even as a growing number of licensed institutions across jurisdictions announce services related to digital assets.

The turnkey ‘DLT Exchange-in-a-Box’ solution will enable Stock Exchanges, Investment Banks, Brokers/Dealers and other qualified financial institutions to instantly offer the tokenisation of assets and facilitate the seamless trading, clearing and settling of these digital securities.

The collaboration aims to integrate STO Global-X’s tokenisation platform and exchange technology with Hashstacs’ Securities Asset Trading Classification Settlement (STACS) Network. The solution will include an institutional-grade security token exchange and trading platform complete with multi-factor authentication and military-grade encryption. Designed to transform capital markets with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the underlying STACS Network, a unique public/permissioned hybrid global blockchain will support the issuance, trading, clearing and settling of digital securities while enforcing the best standards accepted by regulators in an open, transparent, and inclusive environment.

“As interest in tokenised securities continues to grow globally, we are glad to partner with STO Global-X to create and offer institutions a powerful technology platform to issue, manage & trade securities on DLT. We view this as the bedrock towards supporting other traditional financial functions in the areas of treasury, wrapped products and more.”, commented Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group.

Floyd DCosta, CEO at STO Global-X added “Operating at the junction of traditional finance and innovative financial technologies, security token exchanges will radically transform the capital markets world. We are eager to work with institutions like the GSX Group to build the necessary infrastructure and lead in this new digital tokenised securities paradigm.”

The two firms will continue to jointly build capabilities, work alongside other licensed institutions, and deliver the next-generation of tools and technologies required to revolutionise financial markets.

About GSX Group

The GSX Group comprises of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), Hashstacs Inc, Juno Services and the Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC). The Group’s ecosystem of companies aims to establish a new era of blockchain powered finance, by providing a full-service suite to its clients. The efforts of the GSX Group are helping to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the developing blockchain industry, facilitating the move towards mass adoption and institutional participation.

About STO Global-X

STO Global-X is a Singapore-based technology company that offers an integrated institutional-grade securities tokenisation platform and digital asset exchange. The company partners with licensed institutions to deploy and operate STO exchanges in multiple jurisdictions enabling market participants to issue, manage and trade tokenised securities in a secure and compliant manner.