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GSX Group Attends the Security Tokens Realised Conference in London

The GSX Group, comprised of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and our Joint Venture, STACS Protocol, sponsored the Security Tokens Realised event, hosted by Juliet Leadership Summits. The two-day event was held at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.

About Security Tokens Realised

The two-day summit focused heavily on peer-to-peer interactions, with presentations, case studies, panel and roundtable discussions promoting free-thinking and open dialogue. The overarching subject matter of security tokenisation steered the topics of discussion, including the security token ecosystem, the role of security token trading organisations, and the tokenisation of companies. The event also highlighted the operational aspects of security tokens, such as interoperability and cybersecurity, as well as the relevant regulatory environment of today.

The summit brought together many thought leaders within the blockchain space as well as a significant amount of high profile institutional participants, including representatives from Citi, Societe Generale, ING Bank, J.P.Morgan, Barclays, and Santander. The event drew interest from a wide range of liquidity providers, hedge funds, banks, VC’s and asset managers, all keen to understand the potential benefits and impact that tokenised securities will have on the finance industry.

The GSX Group Participation

Aymeric V Bruneau, the Business Development Manager for the GSX Group, gave a presentation on the second day of the conference under the theme of Operations, entitled: ‘Global Interoperability for STOs & TDRs™ (Tokenised Depositary Receipts). Aymeric discussed the GSX Group’s ambition to raise industry standards for STOs and TDRs™, as well as reaching global interoperability through the Group’s latest initiative, the STACS Protocol. The opportunity to transform capital markets with technology is evident, and the STACS Protocol is a leading light in that innovative drive. The STACS Protocol will provide stock exchanges, banks, broker-dealers, and investment firms the opportunity to enhance liquidity and utilise the benefits of tokenised securities through blockchain.

During the presentation, Aymeric highlighted some of the key elements of the STACS Protocol. Aymeric stated:

“We are developing a complete end to end solution. The STACS Protocol is in essence a global network of regulated financial institutions offering access to a global pool of whitelisted investors and a plethora of assets never made available before”.

At the end of the presentation Aymeric emphasised the potential impact the STACS Protocol could have on traditional markets, highlighting:

“Right now we are having advanced conversation with some large banks and stock exchanges, including some of the smaller exchanges — such as in the Caribbean — along with interesting discussion in Africa and Eastern Europe. We aim to empower them to enter the new digital era.”

The summit was a perfect opportunity for the GSX Group to demonstrate our comprehensive fintech ecosystem, offering a full-service suite of solutions to both the traditional industries and emerging token economy. Attendees during the event came to the GSX Group stand, with many interested in the STACS Protocol and how it can bring about a new era in blockchain powered finance.