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GSX Group CEO Is Voted onto GANT Executive Committee

Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, has been voted onto the Executive Committee of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT).

About GANT

The Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT) is a government initiative to establish an association led by the private sector. The GANT is tasked with supporting the advancement of ‘New Technologies’ such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) within Gibraltar.

Additionally, GANT will assist in enhancing the reputation, integrity, and public trust in those new technologies. As part of its commitment to raising the profile of new technologies, the association will support other sectors of the Gibraltar Finance Centre. The GANT will also be assisting and advising the Gibraltar Government on all aspects of this burgeoning industry, as a collective for thought leadership on new and emerging technologies.

Nick Cowan Voted To Executive Committee

The GSX Group, which includes the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), has pushed the boundaries in the adoption of blockchain technology while promoting Gibraltar as a global fintech hub. The development of the GSX Group has seen the Group become a thought leader within this emerging industry.

Establishing an institutional-grade, fully licensed and regulated digital asset exchange (GBX-DAX), and transforming capital markets through the revolutionary STACS Protocol, has certified the Group’s credentials within the blockchain community. That recognition has seen Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, elected onto the Executive Committee of GANT. Nick will be joining other newly-elected Committee Members Joey Garcia, Thomas Johnson, Vickram Khatwani, Desiree McHard, Ian Torrilla, and Javi Triay.

Nick commented on the news, stating:

“The formation of the GANT is an incredible opportunity to promote and support developing technologies in Gibraltar, and the jurisdiction as a hub for innovation. I am proud to be a representative of the GANT and be elected to its Executive Committee. The reputation of both Gibraltar and blockchain has been at the core of the GSX Group and it is vital for future mass adoption and transformation of industries across the globe. I will continue that same ethos with GANT. I look forward to what we, and Gibraltar as a whole, can achieve together.”

First Meeting of Gant

The GANT held their first meeting at the GSX Group head office in Gibraltar on the 8th of January 2019. During the meeting, the new executive team identified working priorities, and the GANT will seek a meeting with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to inform them of their work. The Executive committee set about appointing positions, as follows:

  • Chairperson: David Parody
  • Vice Chairperson: Joey Garcia
  • Secretary: Javi Triay
  • Treasurer: Vickram Khatwani (not in photo)
  • Technical Committees: Desiree McHard and Anthony Provasoli
  • Marketing: Nick Cowan
  • Training: Ian Torrilla
  • Administrator: Thomas Johnson

The Executive also considered the applications for its membership and a total of 7 Observers, 5 FSC Authorised Firms, 4 Firms using DLT and a further 17 Advisory firms were accepted as members of the Association. Annual fees were set by the Executive for the 1st year of operation at the following rates;

  • Corporates @ £500 pa
  • Individuals @ £100 pa
  • Observers @ £200 pa
  • Representatives of members @ £100 per individual other than the 1st one.

An EGM will be called for the 11th of February 2019 where the membership will be asked to ratify the Constitution of the Association, Members of the Executive and to identify additional workstreams.