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ICNQ Listed on the GBX-DAX

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has admitted the ICNQ token for listing on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX).

About Iconiq Holding

Iconiq Holding is a global crypto asset management firm headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in London and New York. Iconiq Holding launched Iconiq Lab, the world’s first decentralized venture capital group and token sale accelerator program, in early 2017 and is issuing a series of crypto asset index funds under the Iconiq Funds brand. Iconiq Holding is the developer of the crypto asset management platform, AMaaS, as well as an authorized Sponsor Firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and the issuer of the ICNQ token.

Patrick Lowry, CEO of Iconiq Labs, commented on the news, saying:

“We are delighted to extend the reach of the ICNQ token, which is already delivering new standards of digital asset management. Bringing GBX-DAX users into our ecosystem is a natural next step for us, given our existing status as a GBX Sponsor Firm. The GBX’s secure and insured exchange allows for next level wealth generation, mirroring our own mission and efforts at Iconiq Holding.”

The GBX and GSX Group

The GBX is the world’s first fully regulated and insured digital asset exchange, owned by a traditional stock exchange; the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). As part of the wider GSX Group, the GBX comprises of two platforms; an institutional-grade Token Sale Platform (GBX-GRID) and trusted Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX). The entire Group is dedicated to transforming the capital markets and bringing about a new era of blockchain powered finance. The GBX-DAX is a key component, fostering community and growth toward mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology. Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, spoke on the announcement of ICNQ, stating:

“It is amazing news to have Iconiq confirm they will be listing their token on the GBX-DAX. The Iconiq team have a wealth of experience in the traditional financial markets and know the importance of accessibility and liquidity — something that our exchange can provide. Holders of ICNQ are welcomed to the DAX. The support of like-minded organisations, like Iconiq, are key to achieving greater recognition and support for our emerging industry.”

ICNQ Trading Pairs

ICNQ will be available in the following pairs: