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Blog: January Roundup

It’s been an incredible month at GBX, with so much going on as we build 2019 into a year of unprecedented growth. In case you missed some of the updates over the course of the month, we thought we’d share a quick recap of the main highlights.

XRP listed on the GBX-DAX

We kicked off the new year with a major new addition to the GBX-DAX. Barely two weeks into January we announced the listing of Ripple’s XRP. Ripple connects digital asset exchanges, payment providers, and banks to facilitate frictionless money transfers globally, via RippleNet. Being one of the world’s most recognisable blockchain companies, adding XRP to the list of digital assets available to our users on the GBX-DAX was a big statement of things to come.

GSX Group CEO, Nick Cowan appointed to the executive committee for Gibraltar Association of New Technologies (GANT)

The new year confetti had barely enough time to settle before we announced that Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, had been appointed to the Gibraltar Association of New Technologies (GANT) executive committee. This was in recognition of all the hard work done behind the scenes at GBX and our drive, as a Group, for greater promotion, support, and adoption of blockchain technology in Gibraltar and globally.

Our second top tier token, EOS listed on the exchange

EOS, like Ripple, needs very little introduction. The decentralised operating system that uses blockchain technology to enable businesses to build dApps at scale was the second top tier token to arrive on the GBX-DAX in January. A sign of our ambition and desire to provide our users with a portfolio of high-quality digital assets knows, the EOS mission also greatly aligns with our own, as we continue to champion and support the drive for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Techemy joins the Sponsor Firm Network

Sponsor Firms are integral to the ongoing success of the GBX, guiding and support Token Issuers through the listing process. On January 24th we welcomed the newest member of the Sponsor Firm Network, and our first from New Zealand, Techemy. Offering data and research, investment, and advisory services, Techemy’s addition to the Sponsor FIrm Network brings further expertise, adds more value, and is further proof that our global reach continues to expand.

TRX joined the list of new tokens to be added to the GBX Digital Asset Exchange

With two top tier tokens already added to the GBX-DAX in the very early stages of the new year, we raised the stakes again with our third major token listing —Tron’s TRX. The Tron network aims to streamline traffic directly to content creators, removing the need for middleman sites such as Facebook. Tron leverages the peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain, allowing content creators and distributors direct access to their consumers. As we strive to ensure that there is something for everyone on our world-leading digital asset exchange, TRX adds further diversity to the portfolio of digital assets already available on the GBX-DAX.

GBX and GSX begin exploring a partnership with Hydra X

Hydra X, a Singapore-based company, provides a high-performance trading platform for both retail and professional traders, with a trading and settlement infrastructure for digital asset financial marketplaces. In January, we continued our work to change the way issuers and users, both retail and professional, gain access to funding, by exploring a potential partnership with Hydra X, to improve our solution delivery. Partnering with Hydra X could see the integration of their Sigma platform, an advanced multi-asset and multi-venue trading platform, with both GBX and GSX.

Events around the world

Nick Cowan, CEO of GSX Group, took to the stage at the Security Token Future Global conference in Singapore. On the opposite side of the world, GSX Group attended the Security Tokens Realised event in London. The event saw Aymeric Bruneau, Business Development for GSX take the stage to deliver a full a view of the GSX Group’s STACS Protocol.

Stellar’s XLM listed on the Exchange

Stellar, a distributed payment network built on the Blockchain, facilitating cross-asset transfers of value, including payments in both fiat-based currencies as well as cryptocurrencies. Lumens (XLM), are the native token that bridge the gap between multi-currency transactions, and are low listed on the GBX-DAX.

Paris Fintech Forum 2019

Nick Cowan, CEO of GSX Group and Aymeric Bruneau, Business Development for GSX, attended the Paris Fintech Forum. Nick took part in the panel titled “Are Security Token Offerings the New IPOs”? Other guests on the panel included Thierry Bedoin, CDO of Banque de France, Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, and Thibaud de Maintenant, CEO of LiquidShare.