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London Blockchain Week

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) met with attendees at the London Blockchain Week. As gold sponsors of the event, we wanted to bring to London a piece of Gibraltar, the Crypto Harbour; an institutional grade digital asset exchange and token sale platform. With around one thousand attendees over the three-day conference element of the blockchain week, we spoke with a plethora of individuals from a wide range of industry backgrounds.

Our friends from Gibraltar, Abacus, held a stand next to GBX’s, forming our own Gibraltar section of the event and demonstrating what Gibraltar has to offer to this growing industry. The interest which Gibraltar attracts is evident, with many conversations focused either on the new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) regulation or how companies from start-ups to established blockchain firms can move their business to the supportive Gibraltar.

The noticeable presence of larger institutions at London Blockchain Week was quite interesting. Jason Kelley, the General Manager of IBM Blockchain Services spoke on their use of blockchains. Richard Crook, the Head of Emerging Technology for RBS, participated in a panel on disruption in financial services with Tom Coghill, Commercial Director at the Royal Mint. These industry ‘heavyweights’ are taking blockchain seriously. They understand its potential and how it can improve their services.

Blockchain technology is still early in its development. Despite the entrance of these global brand names, there are still many unregulated or non-licensed companies participating within this growing industry, with many planning new ICOs. The fact that there is now a growing service industry around ICOs suggests this industry is still very active. It also points to its gradual maturity, as more people are now looking for advice and better ways to conduct their ICOs. It’s clear that an ‘ICO advisory’ market is growing where all manner of aspects in helping someone launch an ICO e.g. writing smart contracts, technical auditing, project management, are on offer.

It highlights a greater appreciation for quality and good business practices, alongside a requirement for strict rules, standards, governance, and best practices where there is a growing demand.

If people are looking for certainty, clarity, and a rules-based system for vetting token sales, the GBX is prepared to deliver.

The GBX Marketing Director, Philip Young, spoke about how the Crypto Harbour could be the solution which the growing market needs. He gave a keynote speech on the GBX project explaining to those who may be worried about banking, conducting their ICO or token sale, and even incorporating and domiciling, that GSX Group as a whole might be able to help in these aspects.

The GBX team looks forward to attending the London Blockchain Week again next year!