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RKT Utility Token – Get Whitelisted Now for Great Benefits!

Holders of the Rock Token (RKT) will enjoy a number of great benefits in the GBX market. The same is true for getting yourself whitelisted now. If you sign up now, you will get an early opening gift of 50 RKT.

Getting whitelisted won’t just help you for the Rock Token sale — you’ll also be signing up for an account on the GBX.

Anyone who has gone through GBX’s whitelisting process now will not need to go through it again to get an active account on GBX’s token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

Furthermore, once whitelisted, you also won’t go through the process again and again for all new tokens listed on GBX’s token sale platform. One of the benefits for a project doing a token sale therefore is that they know they can offer their token to a screened pool of known, KYC’d token enthusiasts.

Finally, any GBX account holder with at least US$1,000 worth of RKT in their balance will be able to participate exclusively in future token sales on the GBX in the Early Access phase, 24 hours ahead of the rest.

So, register now, get whitelisted, and enjoy your gift of 50 RKT.

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