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The 11th Shenzhen International Finance Expo 2017 

Shenzhen International Finance Expo

Thomas Chao, the GBX’s Business Development Director, took to the stage on the 6th of November to speak at the 11th Shenzhen International Finance Expo. The exposition had hosted a panel titled “Blockchain Leaders of the World: Evolution and Revolution.”

The 11th Shenzhen International Finance Expo 2017It was during this panel that Thomas gave an insightful and eloquent speech about the GSX, together with its subsidiary the GBX, sharing the vision the GBX has of building the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Also contributing to this conversation were the Chairman of the Belt & Road Blockchain Consortium and the CEO of Gatcoin, among other experienced industry leaders. The panel concluded with a spirited discussion on how the GBX will work with experts, tech specialists, professionals, and regulators to create a safe harbor for the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.