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Techemy Joins The GBX’s Sponsor Firm Network

Techemy, based in New Zealand, has joined our growing network of Sponsor Firms, becoming the 24th Sponsor Firm dedicated to bringing global projects to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

About Techemy Advisory

As part of an industry-wide blockchain-focused ecosystem, Techemy offers data and research, investment, and advisory services, helping companies at every stage in their growth and development, from within and outside the blockchain industry.

Techemy Advisory provides the necessary tools and processes to guide issuers throughout their token issuance and distribution. The range of services Techemy provides includes end-to-end deal structuring, business solutions, assessment, and guidance, as well as access to a larger investor pool. Fran Strajnar Chairman of Techemy Group commented on the announcement of their Sponsor Firm approval status, saying:

“Techemy Advisory is proud to become a GBX Sponsor Firm. Techemy firmly believes we are in the midst of a massive transition towards digitisation of value. However, to do this, we need trusted organisations who can provide outcomes to issuers in a compliant way. Techemy has had this vision for years, and we are pleased to be associated with an organisation like the GBX who also shares this vision.”


As the first regulated digital asset exchange to be owned by a traditional stock exchange, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) currently maintains a unique global position. As part of this offering, the GBX-GRID, the GBX’s institutional-grade token sale platform, performs a pivotal role within the wider GBX eco-system.

Established within a rules-based structure, the GBX-GRID enshrines good governance, transparency, and best practices brought over from the GSX. The GBX-GRID aims to instil the highest standards within the industry for token issuance, supported by token advisory experts, our Sponsor Firms. Nick Cowan, CEO of the GBX spoke about Techemy joining the network, saying:

“The continued growth of our Sponsor Firm network is a testament to the robust and strong foundational structure of our token sale platform. Providing Issuers with a smooth and hassle-free token issuance experience, where a trusted exchange does the heavy lifting, is an exciting prospect for many projects. A major component of our service is the guidance and support from our Sponsor Firms. Experts like Techemy are key to the continued success of the GBX-GRID; now they are an approved Sponsor Firm, we look forward to helping them bring new issuances to the market. A big welcome to the Techemy team.”