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TRX is the Latest Listing on the GBX-DAX

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has admitted Tron’s TRX Token to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX). TRX is now listed and available to trade, and was brought to the GBX-DAX by the Sponsor Firm StratX.

About Tron

Tron is the Tron Foundation’s decentralised answer to content creation and distribution. Using distributed storage technology, digital content sharing will leverage the peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain in order to allow content creators and distributors direct access to their consumers. The Tron network reduces traffic dependency on sites such as Facebook, streamlining traffic directly back to content creators, removing the need for hits and views on middleman sites. Users can store and upload data, videos or audio through content-enabled channels, earning digital assets (TRX) as they contribute to the Tron content ecology.

Justin Sun, CEO and Founder of Tron, commented:

“We are very glad that TRX can be listed by GBX and Tron will have more influence in the European Market.”

Regulated and Insured — The GBX Model

In addition to the growing number of quality token listings arriving on the GBX-DAX, GBX users benefit from the security afforded by a regulated and insured digital asset exchange. In November 2018, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) issued the GBX with a full DLT licence, making it the first fully regulated digital asset exchange to be owned by a traditional stock exchange. This was quickly followed by the introduction of insurance coverage for the GBX-DAX, demonstrating the GBX’s ongoing commitment to its institutional-grade designation, and to the security and best interests of its users and their digital assets.

Michael Horowitz, CEO of Stratx, said:

“As a proud Sponsor Firm for the GBX, it was a privilege to help facilitate the partnership of these highly-regarded companies in the digital asset space. Stratx is pleased to have introduced Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation to the first regulated and insured blockchain exchange, owned by an EU-regulated stock exchange. As these markets evolve and mature, our focus is on matching together dynamic and pioneering issuer projects with institutional quality exchanges. Both GBX and TRON represent the future of the industry and provide a strong foundation for continued success.”

Commenting on the addition of TRX to the GBX-DAX, Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group said:

“Tron’s proposition is extremely interesting — it champions the decentralised, transparent, peer-to-peer origins that blockchain technology was built upon. Backed by a strong team of experts in their respective fields, TRX adds another level of diversity to the portfolio of digital assets already available on the GBX-DAX, as we strive to ensure that there is something for everyone on our world-leading digital asset exchange.”

TRX Trading Pairs

TRX will be available in the following pairs: