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XEM Joins Growing List of Digital Assets on the GBX-DAX

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has admitted NEM’s XEM Token to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX). XEM is now listed and available to trade. XEM was brought to the GBX-DAX by the Sponsor Firm Techemy.

About XEM

NEM has a blockchain that is easily customisable for virtually any application. NEM’s Smart Asset system lets businesses build exactly what they need, from fintech systems to logistics tracking, ICOs to document notarisation. Crucially, NEM can be configured for individual businesses, allowing existing business logic code to migrate across to blockchain via incremental deployment, reducing the need to retool existing infrastructures. XEM is the native currency of the NEM public blockchain. It is used for transaction payments in order to incentivise the network of public nodes, giving XEM a real fundamental value as the currency of a functioning economy.

David Mansell, Co-Founder and Director of NEM Ventures, commented on the new listing, stating:

“We are delighted to have XEM listed on the GBX, as a regulated exchange, with insurance, it is a great opportunity for the NEM community to trade XEM and safely store their digital assets with confidence. We believe the NEM project is key to bringing about greater Blockchain adoption, their core values are aligned with those of GBX and we look forward to building a tokenised future together.”

Fran Strajnar, Chairman of Techemy Group, highlighted the continued relationship between the Sponsor Firm Techemy and the new listing of XEM, saying:

“Techemy Advisory partnered with GBX last year and we are delighted and excited, to see our first sponsorship listing to be such a high calibre asset as XEM. We have been carefully watching the NEM ecosystem and see longevity in their protocol developments and it’s adoption in the months and years ahead.”

Digital Assets Continue to Gravitate towards GBX’s Regulated and Insured Platform

Being the first regulated and insured digital asset exchange to be owned by a traditional stock exchange continues to be a unique selling point for the GBX. The security afforded by an institutional-grade Digital Asset Exchange with a full DLT Licence from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) is proving to be a very attractive option for some of the biggest and well-known digital assets in the blockchain industry. Backed by a bespoke insurance policy, the GBX-DAX also provides users and participants in the token economy with the added trust and security they need to continue to explore the world of digital assets with confidence and assurance.

Nick Cowan, CEO of the GSX Group, shared his thoughts on XEM’s listing on the GBX-DAX, saying:

“A fully customisable blockchain solution for businesses is a very attractive proposition. NEM is really spearheading the drive for mass adoption of blockchain and digital assets by reducing the cost and barriers to entry for established enterprises. XEM’s listing on the GBX-DAX is further proof of our commitment towards facilitating global mass adoption of a tokenised economy backed by innovative blockchain technology.”

XEM Trading Pairs

XEM will be available in the following pairs:

About Techemy

Techemy Advisory has been created to help companies from within and outside the blockchain industry to implement transformative strategies that will bridge the gap between this revolutionary technology and the traditional economy. To support our clients on this journey, we are able to offer them a compliant, full-service advisory supporting clients from idea through technical delivery and post-issuance support.