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The RKT Token Sale has concluded!

We have successfully reached our hard cap of $27,000,000 USD

General Public Token Sale sold out in 9 seconds.

We are extremely humbled by your overwhelming support and we would like to extend our warmest thanks to each of the 3474 contributors for your trust and contribution towards building the Crypto Harbour and a new era of blockchain-powered finance.

Accounts that have been whitelisted for token sales will be eligible for the full range of GBX services in the pipeline.

Note to all contributors: RKT is distributed immediately by the smart contract, please check your whitelisted wallet ( Read Guide). Should you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Token Sale Progress

318,556,250 / 318,556,250 RKT DISTRIBUTED



318,556,250 RKT (HARD CAP)


258,556,250 RKT Distributed


25,000,000 RKT Distributed


35,000,000 RKT Distributed
0 RKT Remaining




USD 27,000,000


  3474 (Excluding Quoine)

Time Remaining to end of General Public Token Sale



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Welcome to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange
The Crypto Harbour

Blockchain technology dramatically boosts efficiencies whilst reducing costs and there is no doubt this technology will shape the future of the finance industry. However, lack of regulation and liquidity hinders global adoption and progress of this otherwise limitless technology.

A Period of Risk and Uncertainty

Token sales are the fastest way for start-ups to raise capital but lack of regulatory oversight leaves room for abuse and fraudulent acts. With no protection, contributors pay the price.

    A cryptocurrency start-up that raised nearly $375,000 through an initial coin offering has disappeared with the funds

21st Nov 2017

Imagine a Platform That Raises Standards
For Projects Launching Token Sales

A platform where token sales require assessment through the sponsor firm process, stringent AML, KYC, and due diligence, and legal confirmation of a token’s utility. A platform where admission is reserved only for high-quality token listings with sound business models so contributors can participate with confidence.

That platform is the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange – the Crypto Harbour, a subsidiary of the EU-regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX).

For the first time ever, a regulated stock exchange is stepping into the blockchain space to offer much-needed guidance and standards by bridging the gap between traditional finance and next generation technology to usher in a new era of blockchain powered finance.

We Are On A Mission

To Become A World-Leading, Institutional-Grade
Token Sale Platform and Digital Asset Exchange Built on Best Practices

Leveraging the management expertise and regulatory experience of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, its parent company, GBX will adopt the best principles of traditional business practices to create similar governance for admission and trading of tokens and cryptocurrencies, under a new legal framework.

Using a sponsor and rules-based system, GBX aims to be a world-leading token sale platform and digital asset exchange. GBX will apply for a licence under the GFSC Financial Services DLT regulatory framework by Q1 2018.

One of the strengths of GBX governance lies in its credibility, and this is enhanced through the proposed implementation of an accountability mechanism known as Sponsor Staking. All token issuers must appoint a GBX recognised Sponsor Firm in order to list and Sponsor Firms will need to be proven experts in the blockchain industry, qualified to take companies from inception to eventual token listing.

By agreeing to sponsorship, Sponsor Firms are required to undergo a token staking process where a designated amount of Rock Tokens are to be staked and held in GBX escrow for a stipulated period. This will ensure Sponsor Firms have a vested interest in their client’s performance and will continually ensure Token Issuers’ adhere to the high standards set out by GBX, in doing so forming a centre of excellence for token issuance and token sales.

Using ‘first in class’ principles and best practices of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, GBX will establish a trusted network of Sponsor Firms that uphold the quality, reputation, and integrity of the GBX token sale market. The listing process begins with endorsements by a Sponsor Firm that conducts the preliminary review based on GBX guidelines. A high entry bar and controlled environment conducive for prime token listings is achieved by only processing applications with quality whitepapers and satisfied due diligence parameters that meet the requirements of the GBX Listing Rules. The GBX's innovative staking mechanisms also ensure all Sponsor Firms have a shared ethos to grow the GBX with responsibility and accountability.

To date, we have firm interest from more than 20
well-qualified organisations to be GBX Sponsor Firms.

From a Regulated Stock Exchange


An Innovative Tokenised Securities Exchange With A
Comprehensive Financial Services And Fintech Ecosystem

GSX will leverage GBX technology to become a blockchain-based exchange for tokenised securities, providing a new level of access, liquidity and transparency in the capital markets. Issuers listed on GBX will receive fast-track access with faster processing times  to list on GSX, giving more options for capital raising, and access to a more diverse investor base as they grow.

The GBX-GSX ecosystem will consist of 3 divisions.

exchange division

  • GBX Token Sales Platform
  • GBX Digital Asset Exchange
  • GSX Main and Global Market (Funds, Debts)
  • GSX Tokenised Securities Exchange

Juno Services
services division

The services division currently includes Juno Fund Services Limited, Juno Fiduciary Services Limited and its licensed nominee and company manager subsidiaries, all of which are former Grant Thornton service lines that were acquired by GBX. These former service lines are existing businesses with over 10 years operational history. Services provided will include fund services, corporate services (with ancillary nominee and management services), solutions and support.

Digital E-Money Institution
e-money division

The creation of a digital e-money division would aim to facilitate business transactions and the provision of services to both issuers and users and would serve to strengthen the ecosystem’s comprehensive offerings.

An e-money institution could facilitate a currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments and peer-to-business payments for fiat and cryptocurrency alike. An e-money institution would also support Rock Token and permit users to store and trade tokens, cryptocurrency and tokenised securities on GBX and GSX via their e-money wallet.

*Subjected to licensing

Who Could Benefit From GBX?

Users could benefit from the high-quality token listings that have been subjected to an institutional-grade approval process. In addition to the enhanced credibility and liquidity of the token listings on GBX, traders may also gain a sense of confidence whilst participating with the knowledge that they are operating in an environment with best practice governance and oversight.
Businesses could gain access to an unprecedented ICO to IPO pathway made possible by the GBX-GSX Ecosystem. From listing and trading initial token sales through to accessing funding via the traditional bond market or equity issuance route, token issuers could utilise the potential opportunity to issue tokenised securities to an even wider capital base.
The Crypto Community could experience greater collaborative empowerment as one voice under GBX’s initiatives through the GBX Alliance and blockchain innovation centre - a hub for thought leadership and best practices that interacts with the Gibraltar Government, GFSC and regulators abroad. Supporting the crypto-movement, the GBX aims to help bring institutional respectability and recognition to the global crypto community and forge mainstream acceptance and inclusion.
Rock Token Holders will not only be entitled to exclusive privileges and potential discounts within the GBX-GSX ecosystem but will also benefit from future ecosystem growth. With the demand for Rock Tokens increasing along with more users and transaction volume, this utility token of limited supply is expected to be in demand. See details of a Rock Token Utility Map below.

Strategic Early Adopters

What is a Rock Token (RKT)?

It is the currency of choice for the new-age fintech ecosystem and suite of financial services

Rock Token Utility Explained

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The Rock Token serves as the medium of exchange with a multitude of functionalities and utilities

Membership Privileges

Owners of RKT are granted membership within the GBX-GSX Ecosystem and with it, significant, tangible benefits.
Early access to token sales during private/pre-sales
Potential members only discounts on transactions denominated in RKT
Voting rights on select community developments
RKT holders may be able to acquire future releases of RKT from the GBX reserve at a discount to the market rate

Platform Utility

The RKT has a plethora of direct applications on the GBX platforms.
Sponsor Admission
Listing Fees
Trading Fees Settlement
Sponsor / Token Issuer Staking
Early access and potential discounts on token sales on GBX

Ecosystem Services

Beyond the platforms, RKT would also become the preferred currency as we work towards integrating the full ecosystem on blockchain. With its many avenues of application and benefits, the RKT will also be utilised to incentivise the community.

Medium for Group entities and services such as:

  • - Corporate Services
  • - Fund Admin
  • - Accounting
  • - Consultancy
  • - Funds

Rock Token Utility Map

* Subject to Licensing

Token Structure

Token Name: Rock Token
Token Code: RKT
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20
7th Feb 18 12 : 00 : 00 (UTC)
14th Feb 18 11 : 59 : 59 (UTC) or Hard Cap
1 RKT = 0.10 USD(to be paid in ETH only)
900,000,000 RKT finite supply
$90 mil
35.4% = 318,556,250 RKT
$27 mil USD
258,556,250 RKT (Fully Sold)
$21 mil (Max Cap)
10% - 25%
50% of all RKT released over 6 months
60,000,000 RKT
35 mil RKT
to be sold
by GBX
25 mil RKT
to be sold by Quoine / Qryptos
$6 mil (Max Cap)
100 USD(to be paid in ETH only)
No Limit except for first 24 hours

Any unsold tokens from the Public Sale will not be issued and total supply will be reduced accordingly.

Residents of the following countries are not eligible to participate in the token sale:

  • China

Residents and Citizens of the following countries are not eligible to participate in the token sale:

  • United States of America
  • Republic of Korea
  • Japan
  • All U.N. Sanctioned Countries (View list)

Beyond which all other countries are allowed but all participants will be subjected to AML/KYC checks.

Token Allocation

Total RKT Issued 900,000,000
Generation Event
318,556,250 RKT
To be sold in 2 stages. Pre-sale up to 31st December 2017 and Public sale of balance tokens in February 2018.
GBX Reserve
246,443,750 RKT
Kept in reserve and used responsibly for further development and stability of the ecosystem. RKT holders may be able to acquire releases of RKT from the GBX reserve at a discount to the market rate.
Community Development (GBX Alliance, BIC)
and Liquidity
94,800,000 RKT
Allocated to key players in the synergistic development of the GBX community as well as ensuring liquidity.
and Staff
122,900,000 RKT
Allocated to members of the founding team and GBX staff. 3-4 years vesting schedule.
Early Backers,
Partners and Advisors
117,300,000 RKT
Allocated to partners and advisors pivotal to the strategic growth of GBX and early backers who supported the project in its infancy. 6-12 months vesting schedule.

Use of Proceeds

The GBX Token Sale embodies the ideals of the crypto-movement and sets out to realise the GBX’s vision: to develop a regulated token sales platform and digital asset exchange within a fintech ecosystem that provides access, liquidity and transparency to the cryptocommunity within a regulated environment.

The bulk of the proceeds will be dedicated to technological and liquidity developments to create a seamlessly integrated trading platform and marketplace for digital assets while safeguarding the integrity of the Rock Token ecosystem.

Other key designation of funds will be towards recruiting the right talents while concurrently expanding the global reach of the GBX brand. The remaining funds will contribute to security, the expansion of e-money infrastructures, licensing and capital requirements .

Road Map

History and Development Calendar

2014 Founding of the GSX

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), the parent company of GBX, is authorised by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar and commences operations as an EU-regulated market. A regulated stock exchange that went on to be recognised by ESMA (European Regulator) and HMRC (UK).

2015 Expanded Product Offerings

The GSX expands its listing services to include debt securities, including ETIs which provide a fast-to-market solution for fund managers.

2016 The GSX Welcomes Bitcoin ETI

The first EU-regulated product for Bitcoin, an asset-backed ETI invested solely in the digital currency, is successfully listed on the GSX.

Jan 2017 Launch of the GSX Global Market

The GSX enhances its service offerings with the launch of its new, self-regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), the GSX Global Market (GM), for debt securities and funds.

Jul 2017 GBX Conceptualisation

With the Gibraltar Government’s new DLT Framework (Decentralised Ledger Technology), GSX makes a strategic move into blockchain with plans to become a world-leading token sale platform and digital asset exchange under a new subsidiary – The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

Sep 2017 Blockchain Innovation Centre

The GSX embraces blockchain technology with the establishment of the GSX Blockchain Innovation Centre that aims to make Gibraltar a global hub of community-driven blockchain tech.

Sep 2017 Joining the Crypto Community

The GSX becomes a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as well as the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Project, the open source collaborative to enhance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Oct 2017 Launch of the GBX, “The Crypto Harbour”

The GSX officially inaugurates the GBX with the launch of its corporate site gbx.gi. Developments for a fully-integrated token sale and digital asset exchange kicks into high gear with the GBX Technology Team.

Feb 2018 Rock Token (RKT) Public Sale

Rock Token Public Sale commences with a total supply of 318,556,250 RKT to be distributed.

Q4 2017 to Q1 2018
Phase 1 Developmental Milestones
Fully Achieved
  • Launch the Rock Token and hold the Rock Token sale(Hard Cap of 27M achieved in 9 seconds)
  • Launch the GBX token sale platform
  • First Batch of Sponsor Firms Launched Mar 2018
  • Submit an application to the GFSC for GBX to be a token sale platform and digital asset exchange regulated in accordance with the DLT Regulations
  • Acquire the Grant Thornton service lines and create the Juno Services division
  • Launch the GSX Blockchain Innovation Centre
  • Launch the GBX Alliance and the GBX Alliance Council
  • Form a centre of excellence for token and digital asset exchange best practices
Q1 to Q2 2018
Phase 2 Developmental Milestones
  • Submit an application to the GFSC to extend GSX’s licence to be the first regulated exchange for tokenised securities
  • Submit an application to the GFSC for the permission to operate a digital e-money institution or acquire an existing digital e-money institution
  • Integrate digital e-money institution within the ecosystem
  • Launch the GBX digital asset exchange
Q3 to Q4 2018
Phase 3 Developmental Milestones
  • List tokenised securities on GSX’s Global Market (exchange–regulated) and Main Market (EU-regulated)
  • Trade tokenised securities on GSX’s own blockchain-based platform
2019 Future Milestones
  • Develop and expand the GBX and GSX ecosystem
  • Launch GBX and GSX exchanges and Juno Services division across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Asia

Key Dates

  • Early Access Whitelisting Begins
    15th Jan 18 12 : 00 : 00 (UTC)

    Simply register your account and complete the KYC procedures to get whitelisted. Successful applicants will be notified promptly.

  • Early Access Whitelisting Closes
    4th Feb 18 11 : 59 : 59 (UTC)

    Congratulations! All accounts successfully whitelisted by 4th Feb 2018 will be able to participate in the 24-hour early access sale on 7th Feb 2018. Accounts registered on 5th Feb 2018 or later can join in the public sale on 8th Feb 2018.

  • Early Access Public Token Sales Commences
    7th Feb 18 12 : 00 : 00 (UTC)

    The 24-hour sale exclusive to Early Access whitelisters begins. In the promotion of fairness, GBX will set a cap on the contribution amount per contributor within this period. RKT availability will be on a first-come-first served basis. If RKT is sold out in this period, the entire Public Token Sale will end.

  • General Public Token Sales Commences
    8th Feb 18 12 : 00 : 00 (UTC)

    After this 24-hour period, if there is any RKT still available, the General Public Token Sale will begin. There will be no cap amount and availability will again be on a first-come-first served basis.

  • Public Token Sale Ends
    14th Feb 18 11 : 59 : 59 (UTC)

    Token sale will end on 14th Feb 2018 or earlier in the event that all RKT are fully sold.

Proudly Powered by The Gibraltar Stock Exchange

The Only Stock Exchange of Gibraltar
  • Fully Licensed and Compliant

    The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is licensed and regulated by the GFSC under licence number FSC123B and operates as an EU-regulated market recognised by ESMA and HMRC. The GSX also operates as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) as defined under MiFID for funds and debt securities.

  • Supportive Jurisdiction

    The GBX-GSX ecosystem operates under a government that is highly supportive of Distributed Ledger Technology. This provides guidance and benchmark and a responsive framework that will further fuel growth and consumer confidence.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange Values


The public sale of the RKT will start on 7th February 2018 at 12:00:00 UTC. The first 24 hours since the start of the sale is what is known as the Early Access Public Sale period and is only reserved for people who are early access whitelisted. After the initial 24 hours, all whitelisters can participate.
For 1 week until 14th February 2018.
RKT price is pegged to the price of US dollar but in ETH (1 RKT = US$ 0.1). The price and cap has been decided by GBX and announced as of 5th Feb to be US$614.68 or 6,146.80 RKT. This equates to a 0.793 ETH cap based on an ETH/USD price of $775.30 as determined by a 3-day average of the Daily Close Prices on 4th, 5th and 6th February (UTC).
The minimum contribution accepted during any period of the RKT distribution is US$100 worth of ETH. This equates to 0.129 ETH as determined by a 3-day average of the Daily Close Prices on 4th, 5th and 6th February (UTC). Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.
To be eligible for the exclusive Early Access Token Sale, one must have completed the KYC and whitelisting process within the start of the whitelisting period from 15th Jan to 4th Feb 2018.

From 7th February, there will be a 24-hour Early Access Sale for such early access whitelisters only. In the promotion of fairness to all interested contributors, there is a cap on the amount each contributor can contribute within the first 24 hours from the start of the public sale, and sale availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis. The price and cap has been decided by GBX and announced as of 5th Feb to be US$614.68 or 6,146.80 RKT. This equates to a 0.793 ETH cap based on an ETH/USD price of $775.30 as determined by a 3-day average of the Daily Close Prices on 4th, 5th and 6th February (UTC).

Those who have missed early access whitelisting but are interested in participating in the GBX General Public Token Sale will be able to do so on 8th Feb 12:00 (UTC).

Please find the registration guide at: https://gbx.gi/policies/GBX-Registration-and-Whitelisting-Guide.pdf
From 7th February there will be a 24-hour Early Access Token Sale for early access whitelisters only. In the promotion of fairness to all interested contributors, there is a cap on the amount each contributor can contribute within the first 24 hours from the start of the public sale, and sale availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis. The price and cap has been decided by GBX and announced as of 5th Feb to be US$614.68 or 6,146.80 RKT. This equates to a 0.793 ETH cap based on an ETH/USD price of $775.30 as determined by a 3-day average of the Daily Close Prices on 4th, 5th and 6th February (UTC).

After this 24-hour period, if there is any RKT still available, there will be a General Public Token Sales period with no cap amount and availability will again be on a first-come, first-served basis, until 14th February or fully sold prior.
Provided that RKT is not sold out in the Early Access Public Token Sale period, yes people can participate in the General Public Token Sale which starts on 8th Feb and ends on 14th Feb if they are whitelisted and while RKT supply lasts.

For the avoidance of doubt, whitelisting process is an ongoing process but those who manage to become whitelisted from 15th Jan to 4th Feb can participate in the Early Access Public Token Sale, which starts on 7th Feb.
The total RKT supply is 900,000,000, and 318,556,250 RKTs are for token sales. The total number of RKT available for the public sale is 60,000,000.
Any unsold RKT from the sale will not be issued and the total supply will be reduced accordingly.
RKT will be distributed immediately by the smart contract but it is locked from transferring.
RKT is currently set to be unlocked for transferring no later than 12:00:00 UTC on 26th Feb 2018.
Yes, there will be some forms of a Rewards Campaign. Please follow our official telegram channel for announcements: https://t.me/GBXCommunity

In the meantime, there is an Account Opening Gift of 20 RKT for all new registrants of GBX accounts. Registrants will also be able to join the General Public Token Sale that will begin on 8th Feb 12:00 (UTC).

(Normally, all applicants will get 1 RKT each after successful account opening)

Meet the Team Spearheading

The Crypto Harbour

We believe ‘first in class’ corporate governance will be of immense service to the crypto community and the key to quality liquidity.

We believe GBX is not only a solution that helps liberate crypto innovation — it helps the next generation finance world take structure.

Executive Team

  • Nick Cowan
    Group Chief Executive Officer (Gibraltar)
    Nick is the founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. Nick has 34 years of experience in capital markets, including being the head of capital markets at Bear Stearns and ING Barings, managing up to 2,500 employees in 43 countries, including 40 stock exchange memberships.
  • Philip Young
    Group Chief Marketing Officer (London)
    Philip has over 30 years investment industry experience. Philip was part of the founding team of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and before that he spent 5 years with a start-up hedge fund and 5 years with a principal emerging market private equity firm. Philip is a CFA Charter holder.
  • Kai Jun Soh, Benjamin
    Executive Director Asia (Hong Kong)
    Ben is a FinTech entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of Broctagon Fintech Group and has built a development team of 500 employees in 6 countries, specialising in FinTech technologies and solutions. He is the founder and vice-chairman of Stellar Partners Limited.
  • Ta-Ming Chao, Thomas
    Director Business Development (Hong Kong)
    Thomas has an extensive background of over 14 years in the finance industry. Graduated from the University of Texas in Economics and Finance, he has served numerous positions in banking and financial services firms; including banker at JP. Morgan, registered representative at Apex Clearing (formerly Penson Financial Services) and managing director at Stellar Partners Limited. Thomas is also a co-founder of a tech firm based in China, which he is integrating his financial background knowledge into the technology advancement of the blockchain industry.
  • Adrian Hogg
    Group Chief Financial Officer (Gibraltar)
    Adrian is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Adrian is Chairman of the Gibraltar Funds and Investments Association and sits on the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council. Adrian is a financial services and regulatory expert with over 20 years in the profession having overseen the licensing and establishment of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and multiple licences including an e-money institution, investment dealers, brokers, asset managers and hundreds of funds. Adrian was a partner of Grant Thornton Gibraltar for 10 years (audit, regulatory and financial services) and was formerly of KPMG and the Bank of East Asia (in the British Virgin Islands).
  • William Rawley
    Group General Counsel (Gibraltar)
    William is a Cambridge University graduate who qualified as a solicitor in the UK in 1996 with international law firm Simmons & Simmons. He was admitted as a Hong Kong solicitor in 1997. William has since worked at BNP Paribas and Citigroup Global Markets and is one of a select group of lawyers who has worked both as an in-house counsel and as a structuring expert as part of front desk business teams. He has extensive legal and commercial experience gained from 23 years in major institutions with a specialty in legal structuring. William was admitted to the Gibraltar Bar in 2014.
  • I-Wu Wang, David
    Executive Director Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
    David is the CEO of Stellar Partners Limited, a private VC fund focusing particularly on FinTech and information technology start-ups. David has more than 10 years of corporate finance, M&A and investment experience, specialising in multinational transactions and collaborations. David holds an MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong.
GBX is backed by a network of industry experts, crypto-technologists and internationally-recognised legal counsels with exceptional track records

Technology Team

  • Samuel Reid
    Chief Blockchain Engineer
    CEO and Co-founder,
    Geometric Energy Corp.
    Director, SpaceBit
  • Ted Quek
    Head of Technology Operations
    CTO, Broctagon Fintech Group
  • Daryl McFarlane
    Chief Technology Officer, GSX
    System Specialist, Gibraltar Stock Exchange
  • Floyd Dcosta
    Technology Advisor
    Co-founder, Block Armour
    Co-founder, Blockchain Worx

Advisory Team

  • Yew Kiat Phang
    ChongSing Fintech Hold.
  • Jehan Chu
    Strategy Advisor
    Co-founder and Managing Partner,
    Kenetic Capital
    Founding Member, Bitcoin Association of HK
  • Ismail Malik
    Marketing Advisor
    Founder, ICOCrowd
    Founder, Blockchain Labs
  • Joey Garcia
    Legal Advisor
    Partner, ISOLAS
  • Eddy Travia
    Commercial Advisor
    CEO, Coinsilium
    Co-founder, Blockchain Space
    and Seedcoin
  • Bruno Callaghan
    Business Advisor
    Managing Director, Callaghan Insurance Brokers
    Former President, Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce and Government Economic Adv. Council
  • Mike Costache
    Blockchain Advisor
    Founder, Blockchain Investment Consortium
    Founder, KrowdMentor
    Co-Chair, d10e and Karma International
  • Samson Lee
    Chief Crypto-economic Advisor
    Co-founder, Ethereum South China
  • Mark Okes-Voysey
    Governance Advisor
    CEO, Line Group (Hassan Intl. Law Firm)
    Ex-Executive Board Member, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

GBX Around the World

Follow us around our journey where we unite like-minded enthusiasts of the international crypto community on the ideals of a Crypto Harbour.

Explore our roundup of roadshows, expos, seminars, and panels led by our very own team members. Their passion for a distributed, decentralised future is matched only by their commitment towards the development and expansion of the GBX-GSX ecosystem.

  • "A lofty agenda dominated these Blockchain discussions, which turned from emerging regulatory frameworks, such as Gibraltar's move to become the bona fide marketplace of choice for initial coin offerings (ICOs)..."
  • "There is an opportunity for the blockchain community to reassess, reorganise and act to prevent rather than to cure. Over the next year, we should look to exchanges to lead the way."
  • "We think [the GBX] is unique because it’s a token sale platform and a cryptocurrency exchange that’s actually managed by a stock exchange, and that’s the first in the world."
  • "This is a huge advance for the region as well as for the blockchain sector, as the presence of regulatory rules assures the future existence of the firms."
  • "Today’s current storms in uncharted waters for new projects and eager participants in this exciting new dawn of technology will pass, and Gibraltar’s GBX could be that harbour from the storms. The Crypto Harbour."
  • "...the GBX intends to set a higher standard for token issuance and trading for the benefit of all market participants."
  • "…a new era of trust, openness and global acceptance for the crypto industry, one quality token listing at a time."

  • "The system provides a platform where traditional investors may be more comfortable - a stock exchange model - and GBX will actively vet new offerings in hopes of ensuring the safety of its investors."

  • "Industry professionals have reported an enormous influx of interest and activity from operators on the blockchain, looking for a safe harbour, somewhere like Gibraltar where they can get regulatory certainty."

*All your information will be kept confidential. We will never share your information with any third party.