Q1 How can I buy T2T tokens?

The GBX Grid is the only place for the launch and sale of Traceto.io tokens (T2T). Please follow this link to access the T2T Token Sale Contribution Guide: https://gbx.gi/docs/T2T-Token-Sale-Contribution-Guide.pdf

Existing registered and verified GBX account holders can already participate in the T2T token sale. No extra whitelisting process required!

For new users, please register for a GBX account and go through the verification process to participate in the T2T token sale.

Q2 When does the T2T Initial Token Sale start?

The T2T token sale has two phases:

Early Access Sale
Start: 21st May 2018 08:15:00 (UTC)
End: 24th May 2018 08:14:59 (UTC)

General Public Token Sale
Start: 8th June 2018 08:15:00 (UTC)
End: 30th June 2018 23:59:59 (UTC)

Q3 How can I participate in the T2T Early Access Sale?

The Early Access Sale is available to GBX account holders with GBX account balances of at least 1.41 ETH (or 5,371.43 RKT) before the sale, at 04:00 (UTC) on 21st May 2018.

As the Early Access Sale has a duration of 72 hours, Traceto.io will also allow GBX account holders to gain access to the sale once at least 1.41 ETH (or 5,371.43 RKT) is deposited before 04:00 (UTC) on 22nd May and 23rd May.

In a bid to ensure that all their clients are able to take part in the Early Access Sale, Traceto.io will also allow account holders who prefund their accounts with at least 1.41 ETH (or 5,371.43 RKT) to qualify for the Early Access Sale, and undertakes to convert the received ETH in the Early Access Sale from such accounts to RKT.

For account holders who use RKT to participate in the sale, they will be using the RKT to T2T rate.

For account holders with only ETH, the ETH to T2T rate will be used instead.

Q4 How long will the token sale last?

Early access will be from the 21st May 2018 08:15:00 (UTC) till 24th May 2018 08:14:59 (UTC).

The T2T public sale is from 8th June 2018 08:15:00 (UTC) to 30th June 2018 23:59:59 (UTC).

Q5Is there any bonus during the Early Access T2T sale?
There will be a bonus of 5% during the Early Access Sale.
Q6What is the contribution price of T2T in ETH or RKT?

The T2T to ETH rate has been fixed at 0.000075 ETH.

The RKT to T2T rate has been fixed at 3.5 T2T.

Q7 What is the hard cap and how much is being sold during the public sale period?
The hard cap is set at 30,000 ETH and the public sale amount is 6,000 ETH.
Q8 Is there an individual cap for the T2T sale?


The individual cap in both the Early Access Sale and Public Sale is 80,000,000 T2T.

Q9 Is there a minimum purchase amount of T2T?


The minimum contribution in the Early Access Sale is 18,800.00 T2T.

The minimum contribution in the Public Sale is 6,666.66 T2T.

Q10When will T2T be distributed?
It will appear in the GBX Account. Withdrawals will be made available after the unlocking date of T2T.
Q11When will T2T be unlocked after the token sale period?
It is expected to be within 30 days after the end of the token sale.
Q12What happens to the unsold T2T?
Unsold T2T tokens will be burned.
Q13What wallet should I use to withdraw the unlocked T2T to?
You should withdraw unlocked T2T to ETH compatible wallets.
Q14 Is there a bonus or discount for public sale participants?
No, there is no bonus or discount for public sale participants except for the exclusive 5% bonus for Early-Access Sale.
Q15 How much was sold during the T2T private sale?
Private sale details will be provided at a later date, before the Early Access Sale.
Q16What was the discount or bonus awarded to private sale contributors?
Average of 15% bonus given during the Private Sale, with a 3-month lock-up period.

To learn more about Traceto.io, the first approved initial token sale to be launched on GBX Grid, please watch this interview between Nick Cowan and Traceto.io CEO Chionh Chye Kit: